Winter is here


.:We are *offically* closed for winter :.

As many of the residents of the Okanagan can concur, winter has made its steady approach into our valley. Being slightly higher in elevation in Joe Rich means that we had our first hard frost on the fifteenth of September. That was a cold and unwelcome surprise.

The reason I feel I need to give forth some information is because we pretty much fell off of the face of the earth mid summer and never came back, or gave any explanation. So if you would like to know what caused the abrupt drop of communication, read on.

This summer has been full of unexpected moments. Some good, but mostly not so good. May 29th I was thrown from my horse and suffered a broken L5 vertebrae. That was alright, I just needed some bed rest and to take things slow and I was able to get through the styled bridal shoot that we did (which turned out gorgeous if I don’t say so, myself). As I got closer to fully healing we were evacuated for the Philpott Fire. This might have been one of the most terrifying experiences we have ever been through. The fire was just across the highway and we watched it start and then grow into the monster that devoured so much of our beautiful forest. We had to leave the horse and birds behind and get out of there before it decided to hop the highway and have our log home for lunch. We are very fortunate that during the fire the winds stayed in a favorable direction and the flames never jumped the highway. We are also very fortunate to have an outstanding fire team in Joe Rich that managed to save every structure in the path of the flames. During this totally stress free evacuation I managed to take a tumble and break three of the five metatarsals in my right foot (Google Lisfranc Joint for more fun facts about how much of a disaster that break is). Needless to say, at this point I am starting to lose a bit of my momentum to get through and keep pushing the Farmette forward. I cannot walk down to the garden (or legally drive *SO FRUSTRATING*), my back is still broken and now I have added an additional three bones to the healing process. It also didn’t help that during the fire, our gardens, perennials, hanging baskets and pretty much every photosynthesizing being went ten days without water in extreme heat. When we can home from the fire everything was crispy, and not in a good potato chip crispy way. We had lost the majority of our blooms, our vegetables were in shock and the grass, well the grass wasn’t grass anymore. Needless to say, not an ideal spot to have an event anymore. We managed to perk up some of our vegetables with heavy water and lots of love, but they never produced the way they should have. We got literally zero butternut squash from the sixteen vines we planted. Things were not looking good. We can close up with the fact that our well ran dry, causing us to put in-ground cisterns in our front yard. Also, not very nice on the aesthetics, a seven foot tall pile of dirt and rock next to a monstrous mud puddle. And the loss of a seventy foot Fir tree. But hey, we have water!

The moral of the story is that as a human being I could only take so much. I made the decision to table the Fireweed Farmette until I was in better shape mentally and physically. We are officially closed for the winter, the early snow this year also helped with that. But I would like you all to know that once spring rolls around, I plan to open my mind once again to the possibilities of the Farmette. I will be starting seeds in the spring, planting, building, painting, creating and giving it everything I have. However, I will not be pushing it into reality as hard as I was last spring. I want things to flow naturally, not be forced.

If you were considering having an event at the Farmette in 2018, please reach out to us via email ( We are excited at the prospect of having Love bloom right here on our property. However, we are not a wedding factory that cranks out one hundred events a year! The process will involve working directly with me, face to face, to help realize your vision and make it a reality. That being said, if you would like to come meet me and check out the farm in the spring, I would LOVE to meet you and share a glass of wine while we chat about your ideal event and how, together, we can make it happen.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along on this journey so far. Year one was a tough one, so here’s to hoping that year two is an amazing one!

Thanks for listening(reading),



The Apiary

We began our journey with bee keeping in late May. Since transferring the hive to their new home we have already had to add another box to accommodate their growth. The queen and the hive are busy and productive, so far we and the bees seem to be quite content!


Styled Bridal Portrait

We had the delight of teaming up with some of the most wonderful vendors in the Valley to create this dreamy styled shoot.

Photography: Danielle Anette Photography

Florals: MaltaBella Floral Design

Model: Aly Pollock

Hair: Karisa Fortier @ Loyal Hair Therapy

MU: Okanagan Makeup Goddess

Dress: Allure Bridals for Bliss Bridal Kelowna

Nails: Aesthetics by Ashley

Jewels: Rory Ashton

Venue/Styling: Fireweed Farmette

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Aurora Borealis

On May 28th around midnight we got our first glimpse of the Northern Lights. We lay on our driveway with a bottle of wine, the dogs piled on top of us, and watched for hours as the sky changed from green to purple in awe of Mother Nature. Consider this bucket list item checked off, and in our own back yard! DSC_0480DSC_0482DSC_0477DSC_0476DSC_0475