Meet the owners: Andrew & Abby Andrews

Abby and Andrew met in University in 2006 and have since been married and had their first child, all while running a successful food truck and catering company that they opened together in 2013. After running the business for four years the couple decided it was time for a change. They packed up their life, sold the business and moved to Joe Rich, British Columbia. Here, they have found a dream property to launch their vision a step further, continuing to explore their efforts in raising animals and living off of the land. Using a pair of combined skills that have accumulated over years of growing produce and running an event oriented business, they are hoping to turn the Fireweed Farmette into the dream machine they have been working towards since day one.

“The idea for the Fireweed Farmette popped into my head well over a year ago. Since then it has been relentlessly banging against my skull like some kind of hyperactive toddler. Ever since opening The Goodness food truck with my husband and starting our catering career, I have learned that weddings were hands down my absolute favourite part of running our business. I spent way more time than the usual caterer helping my gorgeous brides come up with their time lines, holding their screaming nephews during speeches and putting myself into a frenzy over every last detail. Then I realized that in general, I absolutely love ‘Love.’ Every couple who’s wedding we have been a part of has been etched into my memory with overwhelming emotion and gratitude. I watched every bride with tears in my eyes, so overjoyed to be a part of such a special moment in these amazing couples lives. I stumbled across this property and immediately fell in love with both its charm and potential to create absolutely magical moments for couples saying “I do.” Please stay patient with me as I turn the Fireweed Farmette into my dream venue, I am hoping to host our first event in the spring of 2017.” – Cheers, Abby & Andrew

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